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It’s Raining Volunteers… Hallelujah!

As the Weather Girls said, “It’s raining volunteers…hallelujah!” No, it’s really not. The thing about good volunteers, really good ones, is they often don’t just show up at your door offering assistance. Let me explain- put yourself in the potential … Continue reading

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Increasing Value in Leaders’ Meetings

Let’s not talk about 4-H for a minute.  Instead, let’s talk about you… What do you do in your spare time?  How do you decide how to spend your precious free time?  What makes an event or activity worth leaving your … Continue reading

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The All Important 4-H Club Visit

Confession time… I used to try to skip out on some visits to my 4-H clubs. Before you judge me too harshly allow me to explain.  Like most people I put a lot of thought into which activities are going … Continue reading

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Volunteer Recognition: Duration and Intensity

Have you ever been over-recognized? You know…you do some small task for an individual or a group, and the accolades and thank you’s you receive are far too grandiose for the service actually rendered?  It’s an uncomfortable feeling. On the … Continue reading

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Volunteer Recognition: Be Sincere, Be Specific!

Now is the time (no, I’m not kidding…you did save some time somewhere between camps to plan for the next 4-H year, right?) to begin working on your volunteer management plans for next year. In light of this, over these … Continue reading

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