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Hello? Are You There? Did You Get My Email?

Do you ever get the feeling your emails are being sent to some cyberspace black hole rather than the intended recipient?  They haven’t answered, surely that must mean they didn’t get it, right? Email, and in particular, how immediate many … Continue reading

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The Art of the Away Message

Ahhhh….’tis the season!  Now is the time of year when I send an email, I am instantly met by an onslaught of “away” messages.  To be fair, I never thought much about away messages until a particular message caught my … Continue reading

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Why No One Is Reading Your Emails

Email overload is a problem, no denying that fact.  However, what if WE are the ones causing the problem?  The sender of an email has great power; power to communicate a message clearly and concisely, or contrastingly power to confuse and complicate … Continue reading

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