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A Paper Clip to Conquer Prejudice

Whitwell, Tennessee is rural, blue-collar and largely homogenous (97% White) making it an unlikely setting for one of the most powerful documentaries on teaching tolerance and respect that I have ever seen. Paper Clips is a 2004 documentary film which … Continue reading

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“What’s That Hammer Looking Thingy?”

As a 4-H alumna, I grew up exposed to Robert’s Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure.  But that is not everyone’s experience.  It may not be your volunteers’ experience, it may not have been your experience.  While you can certainly … Continue reading

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4-H Science Inquiry Videos

Are you looking for some new resources for 4-H STEM?  Check out these Science Inquiry videos from Oregon State University’s 4-H program: 4-H Science Inquiry Videos

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Volunteer Training? Let Me Count the Ways

“How do you train your volunteers?” If you are like most, you typically have an answer like, “Once a month at volunteer leader meetings.”  OR  “Quarterly”  OR “Once at the beginning of the year” OR some other variation. Actually, you … Continue reading

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The Importance of Volunteer Role Descriptions

Imagine a world in which you were hired to do this fantastic job called “4-H Agent” and you were told-  we want you to get kids and volunteers doing 4-H stuff.  Now go out an conquer! It’s exciting and daunting … Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind Already! Finding the Volunteers You Really Need.

The first volunteer recruitment campaign I ever coordinated was a disaster. It wasn’t because it was an overly complicated plan, rather my plan consisted of two steps: 1) put advertisements in the local papers and 2) put all the new … Continue reading

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Good Principals Get Dirty on the Playground

Perhaps you have heard the analogy that the 4-H agent is like the principal of the school, and volunteers are the teachers.  Fair point.  Not a bad analogy.  However, the good principals take time to get dirty on the playground … Continue reading

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