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Team Development Stage 1: Forming

You may recall from last week, we began our conversation about Tuckman’s Model of Group Development (forming-storming-norming-performing-adjourning). For a group to perform successfully it is critical that they advance through each of these stages. Not every team advances through all … Continue reading

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Tuckman’s Model of Group Development

In the 1960s-70s Bruce Tuckman debuted the Tuckman Model of Group Development which asserts that teams progress toward various stages during their progression from inception to functioning.  In this model, as teams mature and increase in ability, the leader changes … Continue reading

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The Blog Post About District IV’s Desserts (Not really…)

Yesterday, I was so hungry. It really wasn’t my fault.  You see- District IV is currently in the midst of planning their District 4-H Events and I’m copied on all the emails.  It started innocently with Suwannee County offering a … Continue reading

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Up-Front Games

What is an “up-front” game you ask? An up-front game in many ways is a spectator’s sport.  When you have a big group it’s not always easy to engage everyone in an icebreaker-type activity, but an up-front game can serve … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Agent?

This is not the first time I’ve tackled this question on the blog, and far from the first time I’ve considered it in my mind. What makes a good agent?  And in a more self-serving context, am I meeting those … Continue reading

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The One About Tide Pods and Protests…

Last week was one of contrasts. On Wednesday last week- in the wake of the recent school shooting in Parkland, hundreds of demonstrators, many under the age of 18, rallied at our state Capitol asking for stricter gun control measures. … Continue reading

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Talking to the Elephant and Other Techniques of Opinion Leadership

I hate videos. I may be the only person on the planet, but if I have the choice of reading about something vs. watching about it…I’ll pick the text every time.  In fact, if I reference a TED talk I … Continue reading

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