Teaching people to be better humans

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be understand, control, and express emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships prudently and empathetically.  There are five components of emotional intelligence:

  •  Self awareness:  capacity to understand one’s emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Self regulation:  ability to control emotions.
  • Motivation:  high productivity and effectiveness, but coupled with the ability to defer immediate gratification for a better end result.
  • Empathy:  ability to understand wants, needs, and perceptions of others.
  • Social skills:  ability to interact with others and build and maintain healthy relationships with others.

Sounds like good 4-H agents to me…and good 4-H members…and good volunteers…good HUMANS.

However, we aren’t born with this emotional intelligence, but rather it is developed over time.  That’s the good news-  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE CAN BE INCREASED AND IMPROVED!

Check out these 4-H lessons from the Ohio State University about Emotional Intelligence.  I believe you will find these good for 4-H members, volunteers, staff, and others!


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