Slaying Your Time Management Demons

What’s your problem?

No, really.  What is getting in the way of successfully taking ownership over your time and indeed, your life?

It could be one of many things, including:

Goal Setting:  I’ve had the same goal on my list for the past three years.  End world hunger.  No, I haven’t accomplished it, but there is something to be said for striving for loft goals!

Managing Interruptions:  It’s not your fault, it’s THEIRS!  The phone, the email, drop-ins.  THOSE people are always interrupting you and keeping you from getting things done!  (Confession-  this is me!  Except my interrupters aren’t “them,” they are ME! There, I said it!).

Procrastination:  Work is hard, and let’s face it- “taking it easy” feels good.  Why yes, I do need to sharpen all my pencils…again.  I do need to check out social media….again.  That big project?  Well, I can’t focus on that until my office is spotless…right?

Prioritization:  Back that that previously mentioned big project, sure it needs to be done.  Sure, it is important.  But there are so many other little things I want to check off of my list first.  Eventually that big project will get done!  Won’t it?

Scheduling:  How come I need to mail that form when I’m nowhere near the post office, and I remember I need to fuel my car when I’m far from a gas station?  Forget it, I’ll just spend all day driving back and forth across town!

Did any of those examples sound familiar?  Maybe…maybe not.  Sometimes it’s difficult to examine our own struggles.  With that in mind, I encourage you to check out this How Good is Your Time Management Quiz  ?

See you here next week, as we dig deeper into how to address your personal time management demons.



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