Tis the Season- Of 4-H County Events Prep!

The holidays are upon us, and my kids will soon be out of school for several days.  During that time we will probably complete our annual Harry Potter marathon, make some crafts (I personally can’t stand making crafts, but the kids love them), and…


Now please, don’t be jealous of the exciting life I lead.

During the holiday break, I do use the time to work with my personal child to help him develop his demonstration for 4-H County Events.  I do this because I genuinely see the value and appreciate the experience he is gaining.  Parents who have experience this understand the benefit.  But what about those who are unfamiliar with the 4-H County Events program?

If you haven’t begun doing so already, now is the time to begin planning and promoting for County 4-H Events.  With that in mind this week I’m offering a “Take it Back Tuesday”  (Throwback Thursday wasn’t an option) list of previous blog posts from both this blog and the 4-H Volunteer Voice blog related to 4-H County Events.  Please feel free to share these directly with 4-H’ers, parents, volunteers, etc.

Also check out:

EDIS Doc:  Do a Visual Presentation

And always remember- the best way to get a 4-H member interested in participating in 4-H County Events-  tell them (personally and honestly) that you think they should do it.  Personal words from someone we respect goes a long way, whether it be with youth or adults.

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