The Rise of Episodic Volunteers

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy.  The result of this shows as we look at volunteer research.  Long-term committed volunteerism is down, and episodic volunteerism is up.

What does that mean to your county 4-H program?

You’ve got to have an Episodic volunteer database!  You know those people that come into your office and say, “Hey, if you ever need anything…”  PUT THEM IN YOUR DATABASE AND USE THEM!  Whether they judge an event, help cook steaks for a meetings, people want to feel needed so put them to work!  This is an unintimidating way to get them involved, and they may find themselves eventually ready for a deeper commitment.

Your challenge for this week…  If you don’t already have one, create an episodic volunteer database.  You may even begin with the list of names you previously received of alumni in your county who recently participated in National 4-H Council’s, “Raise Your Hand” campaign.

Bonus points for this great article describing how one Habitat for Humanity organization helped move their volunteers from episodic to long-term:  Check it out HERE.


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  1. Irvine,Kelsey M says:

    This was great!

    Kelsey Irvine Extension Agent I/ 4-H Youth Development Nassau County Extension Office: 904-530-6353 Mobile: 904-570-5390


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