The Method to the Madness: Choosing the Appropriate Means to Educate

Asynchronous articulated powerpoint, Real-time webinar, in-person experiential learning…as technology has advanced so have the means in which we can transmit information and engage learners in educational activities.  In fact, the sheer volume of how we can “teach” is overwhelming.

How do you choose the method to your madness?

Radhakrishna, Olson & Chaudhary (2017) have proposed a Conceptual Model which connects Bloom’s Taxonomy, Dale’s Cone of Experience, and Bennett’s Hierarchy with educational delivery methods to direct some of these difficult choices.  In their 2017 Journal of Human Science and Extension article they assert that some delivery choices (e.g. group discussion, lecture, webinar, etc.) are better suited when seeking knowledge gain while strategies like participant testimonials, one-on-one consultations, and participant led demonstrations are more suitable choices when seeking behavior change.
It’s a fascinating article and an interesting model that inspires you to think a little deeper as you plan programs.  I encourage you to check out the full article at:  A Conceptual Model for Selecting Extension Delivery Methods to Plan Better Programs.


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