But This Ain’t Theater Camp…

camp letter  camp letter 2camp letter 3camp letter 4

I love camp.

I love the campfire, I love the dance, I love arts and crafts, but most of all…


Now here me out…

I’m a little bit of a reality TV junkie, and when you put 100+ kids in close quarters for five days, it’s better than any reality show I’ve ever seen.  Who’s taking who to the dance?  Which cabin is arch enemies with which other cabin this week?  If you keep things in perspective, it’s all just very funny.  Of course, we intervene as necessary, and we use camp to positively develop these young people, but kids are still very…very…funny.

With that in mind today I want to share with you two of my favorite books which I’ve given to my former 4-H  members who went to work in the camping world.

Both books are collections of REAL letters campers have sent home to their parents.  Trust me, they are very DRAMATIC letters.

While you are in a humorous mood also check out the video: Unhappy Campers

The good news is, unlike many reality shows, a week at 4-H camp typically ends with a very happy ending.  May your summer be fun, fulfilling, and drama free.


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