Stage 4: Performing

Congratulations! If your team reaches the performing stage you deserve a pat on the back! Not all teams reach this stage and typically teams don’t stay at this stage forever. However, performing teams are capable of being highly productive and positive.


Hard work that leads to accomplishment. The team feels like a team and commitment to the team is high. Members are aware of one another’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Members are confident in the ability of the team and trust one another. Additional members may join or leave the team without causing major disruption. Differences among team members are not threatening, but rather used to further advance the team. Members have understood ways of doing business and making decisions.


• Delegate much of the work. The team is ready for it.
• Continue to develop team members who need additional support.
• Serve as a visionary for the team. Understand trends, needs, etc.
• Actual leadership for different projects and activities is fluid and may shift among members depending on who is most appropriate for the task.
• Begin cultivating new leadership to replace you.

It’s not uncommon for the team to slip back into the storming stage if one or more members begins to work increasingly at odds with or independent from the group. If many new members joined the team might revert back to the forming stage.

Next week: Stage 5: Adjourning!



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