The Blog Post About District IV’s Desserts (Not really…)

Yesterday, I was so hungry.

It really wasn’t my fault.  You see- District IV is currently in the midst of planning their District 4-H Events and I’m copied on all the emails.  It started innocently with Suwannee County offering a club’s services to offer refreshments for sale at District Events.  This quickly escalated (in a positive and affirmative way) into discussion of the District Council’s plan to offer ice cream.  All in all I read nine dessert-related emails.  It was a rough day for someone who had no dessert in their office.

But this is not a post about dessert.  This is a post about teams.

Florida 4-H is interesting in that not only do we exist in administrative extension districts, but also 4-H districts, and even Horse Show areas.  On top of all the other teams you may be on (county teams, action teams, etc.)  we function a lot in teams.

Quite frankly, often working in teams can be more difficult than working solo.  More ideas to process, more people to keep up with, and more external communication to manage (e.g. District IV dessert).  So why bother?  We bother because if we want better and more sustainable results (you won’t be here forever, but our clients are a renewable resource) we need each other sometimes.  It’s hard sometimes, but it’s worth it.

Fortunately, we can take intentional steps to make our teams strong and productive.  Over the next several weeks we will dig into these strategies through a new blog series on team development.  Join me next week as we begin discussing Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development.


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