Talking to the Elephant and Other Techniques of Opinion Leadership

I hate videos.fred

I may be the only person on the planet, but if I have the choice of reading about something vs. watching about it…I’ll pick the text every time.  In fact, if I reference a TED talk I really liked there’s a better than average chance that I read the transcript instead of watching the video.

So, the fact that this week’s blog post is actually a video is really quite extraordinary.  The fact that this video is an incredible TWENTY-THREE minutes long is also quite noteworthy.  Folks, it’s just that good.

Please do yourself a favor and check out:
Mr. Rogers and the Power of Persuasion

This video has tremendous application in our work when it comes to behavior change and opinion leadership.  No one does anything just because you tell them too.  We know this to be a fact.  And quite frankly communicating research-based information isn’t enough either.  We have to gain trust of our clients and co-workers, and “talk to their elephants” (you’ll learn about this in the video) and help them decide to do what we would like.

Special bonus:  this video includes footage of Mr. Rogers (Yes, THAT Mr. Rogers) speaking in a 1969 Senatorial Debate in an attempt to secure funding for PBS.


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