County Events: After the Final Ribbon

Often we spend so much time gearing up for an event, the last thing we want to think about on the first day back at the office after said event is- THAT SAME EVENT!  Fair enough, give yourself a few days to recuperate but after that you do want to spend some time reflecting and planning for next year.

Things to include in your Post County Events Checklist:

  • Decide on the date/location for next year’s event.  No, it’s never too early.
  • Follow up letters to all participants.  Be sure to include:
    • Scoresheets (you will want to proof these before sharing to make sure all comments are appropriate and correct).
    • Date/time for next year’s event if available.
    • Information on District Events if applicable.
    • A request for them to encourage one or more of their friends to participate next year.  Remind them of the opportunity to present team demonstrations.
    • An invitation for them to participate in the next 4-H event in your county calendar (e.g. Sign up for camp!).
  • Thank you letters to judges.  Include information on future volunteer opportunities in which they might be interested.  Ask them to recommend judges for next year’s event.
  • Thank you notes to club leaders for their support of their 4-H members in County Events.  Share with them the date/time for next year’s event.
  • Send out post-event press release to the local Newspaper, and plan to share results through other applicable channels (County Newsletter, Social Media, etc.).
  • Consider whether sending a post-event survey will be beneficial.
  • Capture your reflection notes from the event.  What were the good, bad, and ugly moments?  File these so you will have them on hand when preparing next year.
  • Add relevant information to your POW/ROA.

And finally, really do congratulate yourself!  You deserve it.

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