Is Anyone Watching? Making Use of Facebook Live

I am an over-researcher.  Before I go into any new situation I want to know what to expect. What will it look like, sound like, and feel like?

A couple of years ago I first learned of the term- trialability.  Trialability is the extent or degree to which something can be tested out.  Think about free product samples-  this is a way to allow for trialability.  A consumer has the opportunity to check out the product before committing to purchase.

Our 4-H members and volunteers purchase our 4-H programs with their time.  It makes sense that they want the ability to try our products before buying.  How do we offer to them this opportunity for trialability?

Enter free video livestreaming platforms like Facebook Live.  Check out what a club meeting looks like from the comfort of my own home?  You bet!  Facebook Live is very simple to manage, however, not all Facebook Live Broadcasts are created equally.  It’s important to spend a few minutes reviewing strategies to make your broadcasts effective.

For some great suggestions, tips, and ideas, check out:

How to Use Facebook Live


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