Getting the Most out of Professional Conferences

For those of you headed to NAE4-HA very soon…check this out!

Florida 4-H: Northeast District

With the annual NAE4-HA Conference being held in the Southern Region this year, we logowebhave a large number of attendees from our state, many of whom are first timers to this meeting and to professional conferences in general.  For those of you who are first timers, this week’s post is dedicated to you!

Conference Attendance Suggestions

Before the Conference

  • Do your homework! Check out all the resources available on the NAE4-HA website before you attend. Download apps and check out the related sites on Social Media.
  • Build a plan. Go through the proceedings in advance and mark which sessions you would like to attend. Some sessions will fill up faster than others, so be sure to select a few options for each time slot and prioritize.
  • Declare a major and a minor. (Full disclosure- I stole this idea from others). What are your two biggest professional needs which will make…

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