Delegation, But HOW?

Looking FOURward

You can’t do it all.  And to try means that you are inhibiting the potential growth of your 4-H club.  If a club or program can never expand beyond what you yourself can do, that program will never reach its potential.  This means- delegation is not just important, it is the responsible thing to do.

Think back to the last time you tried to delegate a task?  Seriously- take about a minute to think about who you asked, what you asked for, and what was the end product.  Jot down some brief notes.

I’ll wait….

Delegation can be a beautiful thing.  It can also be a dismal failure.  Fortunately, much of the success of the delegation process remains in the hands of the one assigning the task.  YOU have much control!

delegationDelegation is not the simple act of asking (telling) someone to do something and expecting it magically happens.  Effective…

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