Delegation: HELP, I Need Somebody…

Looking FOURward

“Delegation:  An act that gives the comforting illusion that something is being taken care of, until you have time to deal with it yourself.” — Don Aslett


Yesterday on the blog we discussed involving parents in order to grow our 4-H programs.  But this is a two-way street.  We may ask them to help, but we also have to let them help!  Sometimes that is difficult.

We have all had those moments.  We’ve thought:
*  It’ll just be quicker if I do it myself!
*  It won’t be the same quality, as if I did it myself!
*  They don’t have time (or want) to do it!  I’ll just do it myself!

Effective delegation is difficult for many reasons.  The first reason being ourselves!  We, as the ones who seek to delegate, knowingly and unknowingly put forth many barriers which prevent us from gaining help from others.  But, we…

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