Taking Care of Business #9: Recreation

Looking FOURward

If the educational program is the meat of a program, then recreation is the dessert.  Recreation builds a sense of community, belonging, and trust among 4-H club members.

Some tips for leading recreation:

  • Choose a variety of games- some physical, some mental, etc.
  • Know the rules before you start.
  • Have all supplies on needed before you begin.
  • Demonstrate the game before playing.
  • End the game at the height of the fun- don’t drag it on.

For a step by step guide on leading activities check out:  Recreation Leader Activity Planning Sheet

Looking for great games?  Check out:  Blue Ribbon Games and So You’re the Recreation Leader, North Dakota 4-H Recreation Games and Activities,  and  4-H Club Games and Activities.

What’s your favorite recreation activity for 4-H club meetings?  Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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