Taking Care of Business #7: Adjournment

Looking FOURward

Every good thing must come to an end, and a meeting is no exception.

A motion to adjourn a meeting:

  •  May not interrupted another speaker
  •  Requires a second
  •  May not be debated
  •  May not be amended
  •  Cannot be reconsidered
  •  Requires a majority vote for passage

Member:  I move to adjourn the meeting.

President:  It has been moved to adjourn the meeting.  Is there a second.

2nd Member: I second the motion.

President:  It has been moved and seconded that we adjourn the meeting, we will now vote.  All in favor signify by saying aye (raising right hand, or other voting means).  All oppose signify by saying nay.   The motion passes (or fails).  The meeting is (is not) adjourned.  (Tap gavel one time).

Join us next time for, “Taking Care of Business #7:  Educational Programs.”

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