Taking Care of Business #6: The Old, The New, and the Unfinished

Looking FOURward

Business… that’s really what a meeting is all about.  It is an opportunity for a group of people (in this case 4-H club members) to gather to conduct business.

Unfinished (Old) Business:  The correct term for this category of business is “Unfinished Business.”  Although you will sometimes see “Old Business” listed on an agenda, that is not exactly accurate.   “Old” business refers to business which has been discussed previously.  This type of information would typically present itself in the form of a report elsewhere in the meeting.  Unfinished business may include any discussion carried over from a previous meeting, business which was on a previous agenda but was not reached before adjournment, or business that was postponed from a previous meeting.

Because all unfinished business is known before a meeting (from the minutes) there is no need for the president to ask, “Is there any unfinished business?”  Rather, he…

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