Quality Club Meetings

For many youth, the club meeting is their first exposure to 4-H.  Therefore, it’s critical that these meetings be of quality.  First impressions count!

The next several blog posts will focus on what constitutes effective 4-H club meetings.  In the meantime, some thoughts:

  •  Make sure every club gets an official “club visit” once a year.  This may be by YOU, it may be by a trusted volunteer, or perhaps another professional.  However you handle it- clubs should be visited!
  • Can’t make it to every 4-H club meeting yourself?  This might make for an excellent opportunity for a more advanced volunteer.  Train them to make many of the visits for you.
  • What should you look for? Check out:  Vibrant 4-H Clubs
  • Make club visits work for you!  Interestingly, every club I have ever visited had something in common-  4-H members!  4-H members = teachable persons.  Don’t just sit in the back of the room when you visit! If you provide the educational program for that club meeting you are doing the 4-H club leader a huge favor, you are able to promote a program that is in line with your program goals, and you have the opportunity to educate!  (Shout out to Kelsey in Nassau County who last year was able to help their County Events program grow tremendously, by delivering club meeting programs on the topic).
  • Your club meetings provide an excellent needs assessment for 4-H volunteer training programs.  You will quickly be able to note what sorts of training your county needs through club visits.

Next time on the blog we discuss setting agendas!

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