Getting Down to Business #1: AGENDAS

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Looking FOURward

Journey back with me, to a time long, long ago…back when there were still 9 planets…

I was participating in an Officer Training program for newly elected District 4-H Council Officers.  Our guest speaker was Dr. Damon Miller, who would later become Florida 4-H State Leader.  Dr. Miller imparted upon me something I had never thought about previously, and never forgotten since:

“Never attend a meeting without an agenda.”

What seems so simple, is really so brilliant!

How often do we see groups (work, civic, 4-H) get together to do business, without a real action plan?  I know I’ve been in more than a few (sorry Dr. Miller!), and they are frustrating without a doubt.

Your agenda is your map for a successful 4-H Club meeting.  It’s design will determine your success.

A nice starting off point for your club meeting agenda is:

1.  Call to Order
2.  Pledge of…

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