Elections That End Well

Ahhhh…officer elections.  I’ve seen some good ones.  I’ve seen some bad ones.  And I’ve seen some that I’m saving for my personal memoir.  What I really like to see however, are correct ones.

To save headache and heartache, be sure that you have properly trained your club volunteers to run an officer elections.  Feel free to share this blog with them if it helps!

Officer Election Outline
(Before opening the floor for nominations the president should read all officer position descriptions).

President:  Nominations are now open for President.  Are there any nominations for president?

Member(Raises hand and is recognized by President).  I nominate Rashad.

President:  Rashad, do you accept?

Rashad:  I accept/ I do not accept.

(Secretary should write names on the board if possible as nominations are made


(Members may choose to nominate themselves as well).

President(Once it appears no more nominations will be made).  Is there a motion to close the nominations for the office of President?

Member:  I move to close the nominations for President.

President:  Is there a second?

Member:  Second.

President:  It has been properly moved and seconded.  Nominations for the office of president is now closed.  We will now hear speeches from the candidates.

(Candidates give brief speeches).

Election Protocol

  • Conduct elections by secret ballot only.
  • Be aware that the president CAN vote in the case of secret ballot.
  • When possible, while counting it in with the rest of the ballots, isolate the President’s vote to the side.  This is because in case of a tie- this vote will be the one that breaks the tie.  By isolating it, it is not apparent to the membership that the president is the one that broke the tie and his or her vote will therefore remain anonymous and secret.
  • Aim to have three (absolutely no less than two) unbiased individuals count the votes.  Hand the president one with the winning name on it for him/her to announce.
  • Be sure to discard of the ballots appropriately.  I once caught a couple of parents digging through a garbage can to re-count ballots.  I wish I was joking, but I’m not. Nevertheless, I’m now more careful with destroying ballots.
  • Don’t say things like- “it was so close” or “only one vote separated the two”.  The president should announce who won and don’t give extraneous information.

Want more information?  Check out:  Running an Election



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