Hold Up Officer! Have You Been Trained?

4-H club officers are a critical determinant for the success of a 4-H club.  They can add to, or take away, from what can be an incredible experience for 4-H club members.  They can bring in new members, or scare them away.  It makes sense then that we are intentional about training our 4-H club officers.

Many counties host a county-wide training for newly elected (and/or potential 4-H club officers).  I highly encourage this. Some things to consider including in your training:

  • Essential Elements of 4-H and Targeting Life Skills.  4-H club officers are an important part of your 4-H youth development team.  It is important that they understand the why behind our programs so they can help, and so they can help sell the program to others.
  • Officer responsibilities.  Some counties train officers separately (all presidents together, all vice-presidents, etc.).  I personally see value in making all officers aware of each other’s duties and how they function together as a team.
  • Parliamentary Procedure.  No, they may not became experts their first year, but even the youngest of officers can learn appropriate use of the gavel, how to make a motion, and how to properly call to order and adjourn a meeting.
  • Team Building.   They are called an officer “team” for a reason.  In order to function at their highest potential, officers do need to be able to work with one another.

Thinking about hosting an Officer Training this year but not sure where to start?  Well you, my friend, are in luck!  Check out:  Florida 4-H Officer Development.  Here you will find officer training tools vetted by the Florida 4-H Citizenship-Leadership Action team.  If you are looking for some great powerpoint slides to explain individual officer responsibilities check out:  Iowa 4-H Officer Training Resources. (Thanks Genevieve for this tip!)

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