Nonprofit marketing: A social media approach

Another great blog post on marketing 4-H from the “Socially Yours” blog!

Socially Yours,

Let’s be frank. Most nonprofits do not have the resources, the budgets nor the staff, to substantially develop a social media presence, let alone strategically market their mission to the public, to partners and supporters and future donors. Traditional means of marketing, print and broadcast are effective, proven methods, but they are expensive. The potential for younger demographics and new audiences clearly rests with social media, and most pack a lot of bang for the buck, which for a lot of social media is zero dollars. That might change in the future, but right now, for nonprofit social media management, the deterrent is the costs of human resources and time it takes to go on social media and do it right.

A good part of my full-time job is promoting social media for Cooperative Extension and Delaware 4-H. In 2014, I was awarded a fellowship from to study social…

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