Marketing #2: You Need Themes

“Remember, content marketing is about generating more sales. When all is said and done, that’s what matters.”—Marcus Sheridan

Last week you spent time selecting a marketing calendar template. This calendar is your blueprint to guide how you will “sell” your “products” over the coming year.

Your clients will pay attention to what you tell them is important. If you tell them throughout the year that 4-H county events is important, they will get that message. If you tell them that 4-H science programs are important, they will believe you. It gets tricky however, in that your clients can believe everything to be equally important. Therefore, you have to be strategic in what you share and when.

The first thing to ask yourself-
“What are the top 3-4 things I want to “sell” to my clients this year?” (Ex: join 4-H, become a volunteer, attend camp, etc.)

Use those top items to build a seasonal calendar for the year. For example:

Consider Quarterly Marketing Themes:
Fall: Join 4-H
Winter: County and District Events
Spring: 4-H Camping (Residential and Day)
Summer: Volunteer with 4-H

Now, think about seasons and monthly themes:
August: End of Summer/Back to School
September: Back to School
October: Fall activities
November: Thanksgiving
December: Holidays
January: New Year’s, Resolutions, Organization, Health and Wellness
February: Valentine’s Day, start thinking of summer activities for children
March: Spring, gardening, St. Patrick’s Day, GREEN
April: Earth Day, Preparing for Summer vacations
May: Mother’s Day, graduation
June: Father’s Day, Summer vacations
July: Summer, 4th of July,

How can you overlap your quarterly focus with the monthly season?
For instance:
* How does joining a 4-H club fit into a families back to school needs and concerns? (Ex: 4-H members are more successful academically).
* Planning a summer vacation? How about a vacation for your children at 4-H summer camp?

Now, is this to say you can’t promote anything beyond your top 3-4 focus areas each year? Absolutely not. 4-H has so many events and activities, that we must always be communicating opportunities out to our clientele. However, it is your top focus areas where you will provide the bulk of your marketing efforts. Remember- clients will focus the bulk of their attention on the areas in which you place the bulk of your effort.

Check back next week, when we will discuss best strategies for reaching your target audience with your selected themes.

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