ISOTURE #6: Recognition

recognizeVolunteers are people too.  And people have a basic need for recognition.  They need to be noticed for the work they are doing and feel that they have a connection to the individual and organization for whom the work benefits (hint:  that’s YOU and your 4-H program).

The tricky thing about volunteer recognition however is that which is motivational to one person, may not be such for another.  The key is to plan an annual calendar of volunteer recognition which hits a lot of different needs (as opposed to the one-shot annual volunteer recognition banquet approach).

 For more information on creating a plan to appropriately recognize ALL of your volunteers check out these previous blog posts:

Be Sincere, Be Specific. :  Go beyond the pre-event written thank-you note!

Volunteer Recognition: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime. :  Over recognition is just as bad as under recognition!

Volunteer Recognition: Motivational Styles. :  The funny thing about people is that we are all different.  Know your volunteers as individuals and understand what motivates them.

Volunteer Recognition: Duration and Intensity:  Some volunteers are more integral to your organization than others.  Recognition should reflect this.

Volunteer Recognition: A Calendar of Recognition:   Effective volunteer recognition takes planning!  Check out this calendar template to guide your efforts.

Your mission:  Block off a day on your calendar to read these posts, complete the  calendar, and add your volunteer recognition plan to your annual plan.

How have you recognized volunteers in your county?  Share your ideas in the comment section!


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