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Let Your Hedgehogs Fly

***Special Blog Entry*** This week I had planned to plan.  I had really tried hard to block off some time to sit in seclusion, just myself, a pack of post its, markers, and a lot of caffeine.  Unfortunately, some other … Continue reading

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ISOTURE #3: Orientation

After identifying, screening and selecting volunteers, next comes the all-important ORIENTATION. An effective volunteer orientation is critical in that it sets the tone and culture for the type of 4-H program you want to have.  Good orientations cover the basics … Continue reading

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Brilliant Jerks and Fully Formed Adults

**Special Entry** In 2009, the Netflix Culture Deck went viral, with millions, and millions, and MILLIONS of views, yet I missed it.  Perhaps you saw it, but for those who didn’t let me elaborate… Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg referred to the Netflix Culture … Continue reading

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ISOTURE #2: Selection and Screening

In today’s blog post we tackle the second piece of the ISOTURE model- the “S” (Selection/Screening). In the recent past, Screening is by far where we have spent the bulk of our efforts as an organization.  In an attempt to … Continue reading

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ISOTURE #1: Identifying Volunteers

It must be a Monday because I was having a really difficult time crafting  a clever title for this blog post.  🙂 Over the next six or so weeks, we will be focusing on the ISOTURE model of volunteer development … Continue reading

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BEHOLD- The Power of Project Days!

Last week we discussed planning the new 4-H year, but frankly the best laid plans can quickly go astray.  Why?  If you are like me, other “stuff” can quickly eat up the time you need to create good work… if … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Planning!

Tis the season to think about your next program year! The life of a 4-H agent is busy.  There is no denying this fact.  However, effective planning can help you to feel a little less as though you are flying … Continue reading

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