FREE 4-H Volunteer Training

Here’s the thing about getting better about your craft…

You have to do it.

No one comes into this profession with all the skillsets they need to be an expert, and thus you have to PLAN TIME in your day, your week, your month, and your year to get better.

One of those areas many of us seem to struggle with is volunteer recruitment and training.  Fortunately National 4-H Council has some excellent tools, if you will make the time to use them.

What if I told you… floating in cyberspace currently there exists:

  1.  A 4-H volunteer recruitment toolkit.
  2. Surveys- Volunteer Interest and Performance Evaluation surveys.
  3. Lesson Plans for teaching volunteers- topics like youth development, conflict resolution, time management, delegation, and more
  4. And a TON of other resources!

    You can access these resources at:


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