You Build Better Peers

As part of a large organization, we all have a responsibility for its betterment.  Specifically, we all have a responsibility for helping one another achieve our personal best.  Peer review is one of the ways in which we can do so.  We must both ask, and accept, help from others.

I have always suggested that excellent teaching skills are vital for a good agent.  Getting feedback on your teaching and program presentation skills is critically important for continued improvement.  On the District Extension Directors website you will conveniently find a link to the Extension Teaching Peer Review Tool on the left-side column.

My challenge to you-  Make an appointment sometime soon (six months or less) to either:

  • Invite someone to observe one of your programs.
  • Reach out to someone else and offer to review one of theirs.

Make it a date!  Do your part “to make the best better!”


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