EdTechLn: For the Tech Savvy and Tech Phobic

JCEP was last week and it was there that I learned about a site that I’m pretty sure is going to change my life.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to change yours too.

The Extension Educational Technology Learning Network is a non-formal online learning community that enables Extension professionals to learn from each other on topics related to technology in Extension.  I encourage you to sign up immediately at:eXtension Community for Learning Network.

Once signed up you can visit the blog, download podcast episodes, and find out how to participate in their weekly TweetUps (Twitter Chat events).

The blog is really exceptional.  Some of my favorite articles thus far have been:

  •  Gotta Catch Em All:  Using Pokémon Go to Capture Attention for Extension Events
  • Making and Tinkering in 4-H
  • The Scholarship Continuum and Tools to Make the Most of It

Check it out!  Learn something?  Share in the comments section!extension-black-300

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