Do You MORC?

“What is this MORC you speak of?”

National 4-H Council’s Marketing Online Resource Center (MORC) is a treasure trove of marketing toolkits, training, and tools.  Check it out at:

It is through this site that you can gain access to items such as the 4-H Brand Essence video, a 4-H photo library, and toolkits for a variety of 4-H days and events.  Most timely right now, this site plays hosts to a number of materials related to 4-H Giving Day (November 28th).  Some of these graphics could easily be repackaged to be used in promoting the option of purchasing a young person’s summer camp trip as a holiday gift that many of you are very successful with.

Additionally, you can find training modules for taking better photos and promoting 4-H on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Check it out!


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