A Little Video about Trajectory

“Florida 4-H puts youth on a trajectory to thrive…”

Heard this one?

While I wouldn’t use this phrase to tell my next door neighbor what I do (I have highly intelligent neighbors, I just prefer a simpler, more easy to understand route), it’s true!  I don’t doubt it.  But what does it MEAN?

Putting youth on a trajectory to thrive (or a path to success, or however you choose to describe it) looks like this:

Zia’s First Ski Jumpabc_gma_play_ski_120319_wg

Listen to the self-talk.  It’s incredible!  This young person is facing something she clearly fears, yet just listen to how she talks herself through the process.  As 4-H agents, we should all aspire that our voice, our coaching that we have poured into a young person, will become the inner voice which guides them through moments of challenge and opportunities of growth.   That is trajectory to thrive.   That is what we do.  May you have the pleasure of setting many youth forth on a trajectory this week.



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