Post NAE4-HA To-Do List

Settling back into the office after another exciting year at the NAE4-HA National Meeting?  Take a moment to:

  •  Connect with anyone you met.  Send them a quick email telling them how much you enjoyed meeting with them and make future plans of action (i.e. ask if they’d be interested in reviewing a publication for you, working on a specific project together, or serving as a reviewer for your packet).
  • Go Through Your Notes and determine three action items you will take as a result of this conference.
  • Follow Up With a Committee/Taskforce.  Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend committee meetings during the conference, or didn’t attend the conference, you can STILL be involved.  You can find the list of all committees and taskforce at:  Contact the committee chair and let them know of your interest.
  • Missed a workshop you really wanted to attend?  If you can’t find the resources shared through the NAE4-HA app (download from the 2016 NAE4-HA page) you can email the presenter directly (name found in the full proceedings).  Ask and chances are they will be willing to share their resources with you.
  • Looking for additional professional development opportunities?  The NAE4-HA Virtual Professional Development Taskforce coordinates regular webinars open to all members.  Check out archived webinars at:
  • Make plans to attend next year’s NAE4-HA Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana  Both FAE4-HA and NAE4-HA provide scholarship awards that can be used to help fund such professional development.  Be sure to take note of these opportunities as they arise.
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