Volunteer Recognition: A Calendar of Recognition

To this point in this series of articles on volunteer recognition we have discussed:

  • Be specific, be sincere.
  • Motivational Styles:  Achievement, Affiliation, and Power
  • Duration of Service
  • Intensity of Service

Admittedly, it’s a lot of different factors to juggle simultaneously.  How can you possibly be expected to meet each individual volunteer’s recognition needs?

It starts with being intentional.  What are you doing right now?  What if I told you in about 10 minutes you could have before you the beginnings of a plan for recognition that would cover everything we have discussed to this point?  Go ahead- turn off your phone, shut your office door, and work yourself through this brief worksheet:

volunteer recognition worksheet

If you’ve forgotten some of our discussion from previous weeks, you can find a great summation at:  Keeping Volunteers: A Guide to Retention.

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