Finding Field Trips

Field Trips are an excellent addition to the summer day camping itinerary.  The struggle sometimes comes in finding programmatically pertinent, relevant, and LOCAL opportunities.  Today’s links will help you in this search:

Factory Tour USA:  This site includes details for 576 FREE Factory tours (many of which are in our area).

Florida Homeschool Field Trip Directory:  Although this site caters to homeschoolers, the field trips (divided by county) suggested are applicable to all types of youth audiences.

Florida Department of Education: Fun Florida Field Trips:  Much as the link suggests, this is a comprehensive list of field trips compiled by the Florida Department of Education.

Looking for opportunities even closer to home?  Check out prior blog post- Advertising Programs Where People Look for Them for the Fun4….Kids website closest to your location.  Each of these websites includes a list of local field trip opportunities.

What cool local field trips have you found, that you can share with others?  Leave your responses in the comment section.

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