A Holistic Look at Your Weekly Schedule

Thanks to Becky for sharing this week’s resource:  How to Do it All in 40 Hours by Laura Vanderkam.  Ms. Vandekam advocates in her blog post for divvying up your week among a healthy variety of people-oriented vs. task-oriented tasks, as well as saving time for professional/self-development.  Specifically she proposes you include the following in your weekly work schedule:

Core Production:  20 hours
What most of us think of when we think of our “to-do” list.

Visibility (Networking):  5 hours
Participation in community organizations, reaching out to new potential partners/collaborative parties.

Skill Building/ Speculative:  5 hours
One hour per day.  Try to knock this out of the way early in the day, or else it will quickly be overtaken by something else in your schedule.  As a UF faculty member, you have free access to over online 4,300 training videos and courses through Lynda.com.

Strategic Thinking/Planning:  2.5 hours
Great time to pick back up that POW/ROA and remind yourself what you are working towards, and evaluate your efforts.

Existing Relationships/Social:  2.5 hours
Sure, go ahead and pick up the phone and call your mentor/mentee, check on a volunteer, or go to lunch with a co-worker.

Open Space:  5 hours
This might be a shock, but sometimes things come up in the work week for which we haven’t planned.  I know, I can sense your surprise!  Leave yourself some margin in your weekly schedule to plan for such.

Read Laura Vanderkam’s full article at:  How to Do it All in 40 Hours


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