Your Monday Morning Productivity Boost

So many time management models, so little time!  Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tools available.  Too much information, too little time to process.

Enter the infographic below.  This visual outlines a few of the most popular models and tools.  My notes:

Pomodoro Technique:  Are you procrastinating something?  Try this technique.  The rationale is that we can work on pretty much anything as long as it only lasts for 25 minutes.  Google “pomodoro timer” and you’ll find tons of free apps to countdown on your computer.  My favorite is Keep Focused.  It runs unobtrusively on your computer, and allows you to keep track of the tasks you are working on.

Eat that Frog:  Couple this with the Pomodoro Technique to make sure you are working on those tasks that are most challenging (or most impactful) first, to build your momentum for the day.

Getting Things Done:  Get things out of your head and on paper!  I use Workflowy to capture all the tasks and ideas which would otherwise be rattling around in my head.  Workflowy allows you to add hashtags (i.e. #today, #budget) to organize your notes.

The Action Method:  Use this when you are making your to-do list.  All too often we list overly ambitious items on our to-do list and end up being overwhelmed and undermotivated.   How to know if your item is too ambitious?  Here’s a hint-  “Cultivate World Peace” is too ambitious, “Call Mom” is not (depending on your mom, of course).

The Seinfeld Method:  Yes, it’s named after THAT Seinfeld.  Are you trying to cultivate a skill, or set a new habit?  Use this method, also known as, “Don’t Break the Chain.”

time mgmt.jpg


Have a productive week!

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