Where are My Participants? Using Models of Planned Change to Encouage Participation

“If you build it, they will come.” That might work for baseball diamonds, but it doesn’t exactly ring true with 4-H programs.

How many times have you done everything “right” in terms of following a program development model (i.e. Logic Model) and yet no one shows? Being the effective agent of change that you are, you conducted an indepth needs assessment prior to program development.  Your clientele said they need this program!  They said they WANTED this program!  And yet they still do not show…what gives?

This is where techniques of planned change come in. Planned change loosely refers to the techniques an organizaton employs to make change in a group.  While an educational program may be part of the planned change approach there are many other factors which can and should come into play.  For instance, if I am intending that clientele will participate in a program, I must recognize that a variety of factors can affect their participation-  norms among their friends and family, perceived control, cost/benefit relating to adopting a behavior, etc.

There are many change models available, but if you are interested UF offers a FREE 8 hour, self-paced, training on the Social Marketing model. You may sign up for the course at:  https://reg.distance.ufl.edu/reg/Activity/Details/5F2A57D9585E4F78B4002D9755163F19

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