National 4-H Citizenship Webinar Trainngs

Remember working on your professional development plan as part of this year’s POW/ROA process?  If you were looking for more training in the area of 4-H Citizenship, you are in luck!  Coming soon to a computer near you–  the NAE4-HA Citizenship Taskforce is pleased to present four (4) 4-H Citizenship Webinar trainings.

Mar 1 at 2pm EST – Global Citizenship

Alayne Torreta, Rutgers 4-H

4-H Citizenship programs empower young people to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in their communities and the world.  Through a variety of teaching opportunities in Russia for 4-H professionals and teens, 4-H can increase understanding and bridge the cultural gap between the two countries.  Youth of Russia and the United States can look into the future of their relations with optimism and confidence, and actively engage in seeking new directions of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two nations. Alayne Torreta received a 2015 NAE4-HA Citizenship award.

May 4 at 2pm EST – Global citizenship

Kirk Astroth, Arizona 4-H

With 4-H type programs active in nearly 80 countries around the globe, there is increased interest from developing countries to establish 4-H type programs as a critical investment in youth and the future.  Increasingly, 4-H professionals are being tapped to assist with these efforts, as well as jump-start 4-H programs in countries that have had 4-H models in the past.  This session will share some lessons learned about doing such work, outline some opportunities for getting involved as a 4-H professional, and share resources, teaching outlines, and materials for conducting 4-H positive youth development training in other countries.

Sept 13 at 2pm EST – Domestic citizenship

Stephanie Davison, Montana 4-H

The Montana 4-H Citizenship Seminar is a citizen-in-action event that occurs every other year during the Montana Legislative Session. This highly interactive and engaging program helps youth “legislators” and adult “lobbyists” learn the ins-and-outs of the legislative process. You will learn about the Montana program and how to create your own.

Nov 8 at 2pm EST – Domestic citizenship

Shannan and Hilton Waits, Louisiana 4-H

This service-learning project on hunger awareness was conducted with a Louisiana Jr. Leader’s Club and culminated in a trip to the Heifer International Ranch in Arkansas. The Waits’ will present information about their project and the concept of service-learning. Shannan and Hilton Waits received a 2015 NAE4-HA citizenship award.

Connection for all webinars is as follows:


Audio Conference Details

Conference Number(s): 888-844-9904

Participant Code: 8367077


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