Register for 4-H Positive Youth Development E-Acaedmy

Registration is now open for the 2016 4-H Positive Youth Development e-academy, sponsored by National 4-H Headquarters and National 4-H Council, and NAE4-HA.  These webinar based trainings will focus on intentional learning experiences in youth development settings.   Through participation in one or more of ten sessions (one hour in length) participants will learn about key theories of intentional learning experiences and become aware of best practices related to planning, implementing,  and evaluating learning experiences.

Sessions include:

March 30 – 12pm
#1           The Role of Learning in Positive Youth Development: An Introduction
March 30 – 2pm
#2           Planning and assessing the learning experience
April 5 – 12pm
#3           Creating a learning environment
April 5 – 2pm
#4           Meeting learners where they are
April 20 – 12pm
#5           From learning to skill development
April 20 – 2pm
#6           The what, why and how of experiential learning and related learning delivery models
April 25 – 12pm
#7           Preparing and training learning facilitators (volunteers and staff)
April 25 – 2pm
#8           Reaching new audiences with relevant learning experiences
April 27 – 12pm
#9           How does learning fit into the overall PYD program model?
April 27 – 2pm
#10         The Role of Learning in PYD: Implementation and Conclusion

 Register now at:  4-H E-Learning


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  1. If anyone would like a calendar add after registering, let me know and I’ll send it.

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