REPOST: Choosing With Tasks to Drop!

time managementMight I say I’ve been a bit on edge lately?

Too much to do, coupled with too little time to do it, makes Stacey an ill-tempered human (more than usual).  Lately, I’ve had more than my fair share, and it’s been taking it’s toll.

In an act of perfect timing a time management podcast I regularly listen too mentioned this morning the blog Time Management Ninja and in particular an article titled-  Choose Which Tasks You Will Drop Today.  I encourage you to peruse this article as well.  The main points include:

Skip some meetings. (review the minutes instead, particularly if it’s just an information sharing meeting.)
Prioritize.  What’s the real reason you are on the payroll?  If a task does not genuinely contribute to that reason in an impactful way, drop it!
Plan which tasks will be dropped.  All too often, something just doesn’t get done because we run out of time.  Take the time to choose which things are not going to get done.  If someone (other than you) feels a real need for it to get done, task them with seeing that it happens.

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2 Responses to REPOST: Choosing With Tasks to Drop!

  1. Reblogged this on Madison County 4-H and commented:
    An excellent article on the importance of time management……and yes, skipping things! As preparations for the new school year began, think of how you can better prioritize your time and activities to truly reflect the type of life you would enjoy living.

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