4-H in Africa

This weekend I met a phenomenal woman who is on her way to Ghana as an Agricorps volunteer, working to help develop the 4-H programs throughout the African nation.  She is looking to engage county 4-H programs as partners either to help support their efforts, or to participate in cultural exchanges.  If interested, please let me know.  For more information on the 4-H programming efforts in Ghana check out:  Ghana 4-H and 4-H in Africa .

4-H Ghana Pledge:
I promise to work towards becoming a youth with a clear head, an open heart, clever hands, and a good health so help me god.

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1 Response to 4-H in Africa

  1. I believe I met you at GA 4-H State Council! Those interested can follow my blog about Ghana and 4-H as well as my overall experience. You can find me at http://www.aggietraveler12.wordpress.com

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