Viva la Powerpoint!

powerpoint 1

Experiential Education: Education through hands-on-learning.

4-H Slogan:  “Learn by Doing” (Experiential Education)

4-H values experiential learning, so why discuss Powerpoint (or Prezi, or any other presentation software)?  While 4-H programs should focus the bulk of the learning of members through experiential means, that is not to say lecture-based learning never has its place within our programs.

Lecture based learning:

  • Is arguably easier on the teacher.
  • Ensures all participants gain the same information.
  • Is effective at transmitting facts (but not necessarily behavior change).
  • Gives you the really cool opportunity to play with Powerpoint! (Oh happy day!)

We joke about “death by powerpoint” but presentation software has the powerful potential to highlight, and strengthen your message.  As visual learning compose %65 percent of the population, presentation software has provided us with an incredible tool to enhance the effectiveness of lectures, if done correctly.   Check out this infographic highlighting rules for designing effective Powerpoint Presentations:

powerpoint 2

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