Fight the Opression of Urgency with Annual Calendar Planning

If you’ve ever participated in any time management training, it’s likely you’ve seen this matrix:


To produce the best quality of work, aim to spend as much time as possible in quadrant II.  Quadrant II includes those things that are important to your career and program because they are impactful, yet have not reached a stage of urgency because you’ve planned ahead to allow for meaningful thought and attention for such projects.

Sometime this summer, before the rush (and urgency) of the new club year is upon us, take time to seriously consider your annual calendar…and thoughtfully.  For example:

Not effective:  County Events is in February
Effective:  County Events is in February, and I will work towards County Events from August-February.
August-  Publish County Events Date, put together “County Events Guide” for new member packets
September-  Coordinate workshop at 4-H Kickoff  “Sharing Your Project Through County Events.”  Include a tip sheet on how to share project work at County Events with all project books distributed.
October-  Coordinate workshop at 4-H Leaders’ Meeting on assisting 4-H’ers with County Events.
November-  Organize 4-H County Council to provide County Events workshop for 4-H’ers on an early release day from school.
January-  Organize 4-H County Council to coordinate critique sessions for youth preparing for 4-H County Events.
February-  County Events

While it’s not going to prevent every 4-H fire that comes your way, thoughtful planning will help keep urgency at bay, but only if you take the time NOW (this summer) to think.  Use this working calendar of deadlines as a jumping off point for your planning:


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