Social Media: The Virtual Cafeteria

It’s a popular cliché in movies set in American high schools…new student walks into the cafeteria and has to make the critical decision of which table to sit?  With the preps?  Or what about the jock table?

Social media is similar in that we tend to go where our friends are.  Recent research by the Pew Research Center shows that Snapchat is more widely used among wealthier teens, while those of lower socio-economic status are more likely to frequent Facebook.  Facebook is still the dominant platform used by teens overall:

social media

You can view the Pew Research Center’s full 2015 report on Teens, Social Media, and Technology at:

So, next time you wonder why you aren’t getting a response to your emails to your teens, consider this…is email the lunch table preferred by your 4-H’ers?

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