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The Time Trap- Free E-Book

Thanks to Heather Janney for sharing this free e-book on time management. As someone who as a child regularly requested to “sit in the corner so I won’t be distracted” to every elementary school teacher I ever had, my struggles with distractions … Continue reading

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Gorilla of the Week

Gorilla Facts:  The gorilla is highly intelligent and a creative problem solver, able to utilize tools to achieve his purpose.

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Great Leaders Serve Website

Thanks to Neva for sharing this leadership resource with us: Great Leaders Serve This blog contains many insightful articles for professional (and youth) leaders.  Including one that Neva felt was very impactful-  6 Things that Leaders Can’t Delegate

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Levy County 4-H’er Sells Pig to Benefit Friend with Cancer

Watch the WCJB TV-20 video on this Northeast District 4-H’er at:

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See- I’m Not the Only Person Who Thinks “Newsletters are Broken”!

This jewel was in my inbox this morning:  3 Reasons 4-H Newsletters are Broken  written by Justin Weibers, 4-H Extension Specialist in Kansas. What he says very closely parallels with the conversation many of us have had recently.  As always, … Continue reading

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Marketing to Moms Webinar- March 26th

Thanks to Jessica for sharing this exciting opportunity! The Active Network is hosting a FREE webinar on March 26th at 1:00 p.m. (EST), “Reach Your #1 Buyer Now:  Mobile Millennial Mom” Research shows that moms still make the bulk of … Continue reading

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Further Reflection on…Reflection

Florida State University’s Center for Leadership and Civic Education has created a great “Reflection Handbook” which contains a number of reflection activities.    No reason for having to use the same old tired activities over and over! Check it out at:  … Continue reading

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“The Things You Must Unlearn” — Paul Hill

Check out this article by Paul Hill, Extension assistant professor at Utah State University. There’s a lot of truth to what he says!  #7 is my favorite.  What’s yours?

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Reflection and Debriefing Webinar Opportunity

Reflection is a critical piece of the experiential learning model, as that is where learners construct their knowledge gain.  An activity, without this core component, is just that- an activity.  An activity in which it is unclear what the learner … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Map

Thanks to Brian for sharing this helpful social media marketing map and timeline from Utah State University! Social Media Marketing Map

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