Apps of Interest to the 4-H Professional

We were very fortunate to have an incredible keynote speaker at YDI last week!  Barbara Chamberlin of New Mexico State University led us in incredible conversation regarding technology usage and young people.  On a personal note, I appreciated her sensible approach on developing boundaries and parameters toward youth technology that make sense on a personal level, rather than blindly adhering to the  oft-repeated proposed limit of 2 hours of screen-time daily.

Dr. Chamberlin shared several of the educational technology which she has helped to develop, and a quick web search brings up several more resources.  As follows are a sampling of both apps and desktop games and simulations which can be used to support 4-H youth development programming.

4-H Eat-o-Matic App:  Learn how foods fuel your body for a healthy life.

Treadsylvania:  ATV Safety game

Ninja Kitchen:  Food Safety

4-H Health Rocks Carnival:  Addresses drug and alcohol facts.  Available as an app or desktop game.

Risk Ranch App:  Take on the role of a modern day farmer and bring your steer to market.

4-H Career Explorer App

4-H District 11:  Learn Wilderness Survival Skills.

Volunteerica App:  Volunteer hour record keeping.

Demographica App:  Quickly record and store demographic information.

E-Judging App: Hormel scoring for judging competitions made easy!

4-H Livestock Record App:  Digitally keep track of all those details which are generally reported through paper records.

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