Generations in the Workplace

In today’s TED Talk discussion group, Debbie shared with us:

“Ted Radio Hour:  The Next Greatest Generation”

While this podcast focused predominantly on the millennial generation, we are currently in a time in which we may be working with as many as five different generations in the workplace, coupled with the up and coming Generation Z that is a large portion of our 4-H youth population.

Like personality tests, or any other method of identifying characteristics that group similar individuals, generational differences are obviously just one small part of the total individual.  However, our life experiences undoubtedly can have some affect on how we perceive work and life, so it make sense to have a working understanding of these differences.

A couple of handy tools:
Generational Differences Chart

Click to access GenerationalDifferencesChart.pdf


“From Boomers to Bloggers”

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