Can We Meet?

There is nothing more I love than meetings!  In fact, I’m going to go right out there and admit this officially- my New Year’s resolution for 2015 will be TO ATTEND MORE MEETINGS!  That’s right!  Why would I need time to think by myself?  Create by myself?  Do…work?  So, next time you ask, “Can we meet about that sometime soon?”  I’m going to say-


Lest I sound too sarcastic and negative, let me clarify.  I absolutely recognize that there is a necessary time and place for meetings, but we are all guilty of planning the not-so-effective versions of this necessary evil.  Face it- when in your professional career did someone sit you down and teach you effective meeting facilitation and attendance?

I love this infographic to outline some key points in holding effective meetings.


Some of my favorite take-aways?

  • Always send materials in advance.  So participants can think and formalize their points and responses in advance.
  • Distribute action items upon conclusion of the meeting.

I would also add my disagreements and additions.

  • I always have technology present when I’m meeting.  If I need to search something for more information, I want that readily accessible.  Plus, I use for taking and organizing my notes.
  • I find it valuable to add time frames to discussion items on an agenda to help participants make concise points and make time for all agenda items.

How many meetings do you have scheduled this week?

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